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Having trouble connecting your PerfectDraft Pro to the app?

We've noticed that a few users are experiencing issues with their machine getting disconnected from their Wi-Fi, and wanted to let you know that this bug has been fixed! 

Here's how to fix the connectivity issues:

  1. Check if your machine has a stable white light, if it doesn't, then it means it's disconnected
  2. If you unplug, wait 10 seconds, and replug your machine, it should automatically reconnect the machine to your WiFi.
  3. Please make sure that your location is activated.
  4. Follow the steps within the app in order to reconnect yourself to the machine.
  5. If this doesn't work, please reboot your phone. Apple devices can face this issue due to the bluetooth access across AirPods/iPads/Macs.
  6. If you are still experiencing any connectivity issues after completing the above steps, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service team and they will get back to you as soon as possible.
For a smooth connection, please make sure that you are connected to a single and unique WiFi network and not a 5 GHz WiFi network.
  1. Open up your WiFi menu on your phone or computer and see if there are multiple options with your WiFi's name.
  2. See if there are multiple similar network names, for example:
    • "home_wifi" and "home_wifi_5G"
    • "home_wifi" and "home_wifi 5.0"
    • "home_wifi" and "home_wifi5"
    • "home_wifi 2G" and "home_wifi"
  3. If there are multiple similar networks, pick the one with either 2G, 2GHz, or nothing extra in the name. That is most likely the 2.4GHz WiFi network.

If you still couldn't connect your machine, please submit a bug report by taking a screenshot or shaking your phone and please mention whether the light you see on the machine is still white or blinking blue.

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