Beer or condensation leaks😭

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Beer or condensation leaks😭

Beer or condensation leaks can be due to several causes:

🔦 The spout is still draining.

Having 5 to 10 drops coming out of the dispensing spout is completely normal, rest assured😉

After dispensing, the remaining beer will drip from the spout, and into the drip tray. Empty and clean the drip tray daily.

🔦 Continuous dripping from the tap.

It seems like the beer tube is damaged😰

In order to fix this, you must replace the beer tube. To do that, please take out the keg and perform this action in a sink, as beer can still leak from the keg.

Then, reconnect the keg using a new beer tube. 

🔦 There's water in the cooling cabinet.

This problem could be caused by condensation.

Rest assured, some condensation is perfectly normal.

Water vapor is always present in the air, and condenses once it is cooled down in the cabinet. Make sure to clean with a cloth if necessary. If the amount of condensation is excessive, please check that the door is always properly closed and that the door seal is not damaged.

In case of a damaged door seal, contact pur customer service team at 👨‍🔧👨‍🔧

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