Why do I have a spinning snake on my machine display?

Lucas Rocha Updated by Lucas Rocha

You may have noticed that when you first load a keg into your machine, you get a spinning snake in the display.

Don’t worry! This just means that the temperature is being calculated, so you can go ahead, connect your machine, and even pour yourself a beer if you put a keg straight from the fridge.

The closer the beer temperature is to your cabinet temperature, the faster the snake will finish and you will get a temperature reading. This means that if you put a pre-chilled keg in the fridge in a machine that has been on for at least a couple of hours, you should get a temperature reading in less than 15 minutes. The larger the difference in temperature between the keg and the machine, the longer the calculation could take, but in all cases, you can still expect it to take less than 60 minutes.

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