Connecting to the app via Bluetooth📲

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How do I connect my machine to the app?

🔦 Install the latest version of the PerfectDraft iOS or Android app to your phone.

🔦 Plug in your PerfectDraft machine and turn on Bluetooth on your phone. Follow instructions on app to pair the machine to your device. If you're on Android, make sure "location services" are also on.

🔦 Once connected to Bluetooth on your phone, press the connectivity button on your machine until it turns blue (hold for 10 seconds).

🔦 Through the app, select your wireless network.

🔦 You can now control the temperature of your beer, see how many days of freshness you have left, and see how much beer you have left, plus much more.

You need to be close enough for your phone to find it via Bluetooth. Once connected, you can control your machine remotely.
Rest assured, you can still benefit from the PerfectDraft Pro without being connected to the app. However, you will not be able to use the app without creating an account.

If you're still having connections problems, please contact us on

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