My beer stays too warm🌞

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My beer stays too warm🌞

This issue can be caused by 4 things:

A probable cause could be that the keg needs more time to cool down to the correct temperature🤒 

🔦 You can solve this issue by waiting approximately 8 to 12 hours in order for the keg to cool down to a steady room temperature.

🔦 The ideal dispensing temperature for most beers is around 3°C (37.4 °F). Above 7°C (44.6 °F): the beer may foam.

🔦 The temperature indicator will turn blue when the set temperature is reached. The colder the beer, the easier it is to control the foam head😉

Another cause could be that the door isn’t closed. 

🔦 To solve this issue, please check that the door is closed properly.

🔦 The door latch should be completely closed, and the door seal shouldn't be damaged.

🔦 In case of a damaged door seal, please contact our customer service team👨‍🔧

A third cause could be that the dispenser is located in an environment that is too hot, or in direct sunlight. 

🔦 A solution is to make sure that the dispenser keeps beer at the minimum temperature of 3°C when the ambient temperature is 38°C or less.

🔦 The dispenser can dispense in temperatures of up to 38 °C (100.4 °F).

🔦 Please do not place the dispenser in direct sunlight. Move the cooling unit to a cooler location, or shelter it from direct sunlight.

A fourth cause is that objects or walls are blocking the ventilation grilles at the sides and back. 

🔦 To solve this, please ensure a minimum spacing of 10 cm (4 in.) around the appliance.

🔦 You can also remove obstructions and/or clean the ventilation grilles😉

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