What does the display mean?

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What does the display mean?

Temperature display🌡

The setting is saved and the current beer temperature reappears when you stop adjusting the temperature. 

🔦Orange digits: The keg is warmer than the set temperature

🔦 Blue digits: The beer is within 2ºC of the set temperature. The beer is ready to pour!

🔦 White digits: When adjusting the temperature setting the display digits turn white.

🔦 Spinning snake: The temperature is being calculated, this takes an hour but if you put in a keg from the fridge and know it's already at the right temperature, you can go ahead and pour it.

Level indicator📍

🔦 Each segment equals 1.5 L.

🔦 The final segment turns red when less than 0.75L is left.

🔦 The volume is estimated by monitoring how long the air pump needs to work.

Connection status📶

Your PerfectDraft appliance can be connected to a wireless network and then be controlled through the PerfectDraft app.

The wireless icon at the bottom of the display shows the connection status.

🔦 Blinking: Connecting

🔦 White: Connected

🔦 Blue: Not connected

🔦 Red: No connection

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