Text in the app is being cut off

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This is most likely to happen when your phone font size is set to large.

Hi, the large text is probably not giving enough space for the button to appear. Below are the instructions on how to change the text size for a specific app (without changing it in the rest of your phone). Can you please let me know if this fixes it?

First, you need to make sure the “Text Size” option is in your iOS Control Center:

- Swipe from the upper-right corner to get to your Control Center. Check to see if “Text Size” is there.

- If it isn’t, then quit Control Center and go to “Settings” > “Control Center.”

- Under the “More Controls” subhead, find “Text Size” and tap the plus sign on the left to add it to your included controls. This will add it to your Control Center.


Once that’s done, you can tweak the text size for each app:

- Open the app that you want to configure.

- Swipe from the upper-right corner to get to Control Center.

- Tap the “Text Size” icon (the one with the small and large A’s).

- At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a toggle on the left for that specific app (for example, the left side of the toggle will say “PerfectDraft Only,” and the right side will say “All Apps.”) Move the toggle to the left.

- Once that’s done, use the main control in the center of the screen to set the text size for that app, and then tap anywhere on the screen to get back to the Control Center.

- Swipe up to get rid of the Control Center and you’ll return to your app. You should see the difference in the text size immediately — but that difference will not be reflected in other apps.

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