Installing my machine🛠

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Here are a few steps to follow in order to install your machine🛠

Where should I put the machine? 

You can leave at least 10 cm of space around the back and sides of your appliance, and then plug in machine.

How do I get started?

🔦 Leave at least 10 cm space around the back and sides of the appliance and plug in machine.

🔦 Install the tap handle, attach medallions and slide out drip tray.

🔦 Remove the plastic protective cap from the keg and take out the hygienic tube connector from the pack.

🔦 Rise the tap unit.

🔦 Click down both sides of tap unit onto keg. 

🔦 Slide the tube connector into the opening of the tap unit with a click. 

🔦 Insert tap unit and keg along the rails in machine and click the door closed.

🔦 Set chilling temperature using the plus and minus buttons on machine. 

🔦 Connect to your wireless network through the PerfectDraft app (see overleaf).

🔦 Wait until it’s cooled and enjoy the perfect beer.

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