How do I change a keg?

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How do I change a keg?

Removing a keg

🔦 When the keg is empty, remove the keg and tap unit.

🔦 Release the tap unit by pressing both yellow buttons.

🔦 Remove the beer tube by clicking the yellow button on top. 

Installing a keg 

🔦 Remove the plastic protective cap from the keg and take out the hygienic tube connector from the pack.

🔦 Rinse the tap unit.

🔦 Click tap unit onto keg. You’ll hear two clicks. 

🔦 Slide the tube connector into the opening of the tap unit and click the other end into the keg with a click. 

🔦 Insert tap unit and keg along the rails in the machine and click the door properly closed.

🔦 Set the chilling temperature using the + and - buttons between 3ºC and 7ºC. The setting is saved and the current beer temperature reappears when you stop adjusting the temperature🌡

🔦 Wait for the temperature indicator to turn blue and enjoy your perfect beer😊

🎞️Check out this video for more tips:

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