Volume indicator is wrong🔊

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Volume indicator is wrong🔊

🔦 The dispenser calculates the beer level by measuring the dispense pressure on the keg and this calculation currently has a 300ml error margin.

🔦 Opening and closing the door resets the calculation and might make it less accurate for the remainder of the keg. Please make sure to avoid opening the door between keg changes.

🔦 If the power goes off or the machine is reinstalled, the volume might not be reset properly. However, rest assured, any connectivity cut after a keg is loaded rests the 30 day counter.

🔦 The volume isn’t calculated instantly when the keg is installed but after the first pour😉

🔦 If the volume or temperature on the screen doesn't match the app, check if your machine is connected. If your machine has a stable white light, it is connected, if it's any other colour, it has lost its connection and you need to reconnect.

It is possible that due to power cuts, or any machine disconnection, the remaining volume level won't be accurate when restarting.

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